The following images were taken with a drone and are of great beauty. They show a large herd of deer running through the middle of a Croatian forest.

It is a truly spectacular image in which a drone records the large group of deer from the air. It’s only a minute of footage, but the impact of the video has led to it being shared thousands of times and viewed more than 300,000 times on Facebook.

Why and how do deer group together?

The behaviour of wild ungulates, in particular deer, is one of those things that always “hides” something behind it. Although we all know that deer group together according to sex, there are still several factors that seem to affect this fact and there are few explanations for it.

A study by Miranda and colleagues, reported in Ciencia y Caza few years ago, looked at diet and nutrient selection in three groups of deer according to age and sex; adult males, adult females and juveniles (under 24 months of age). The separation between the sexes in foraging became apparent during the rut, when adult and juvenile females and young deer preferred bush areas to a greater extent than males.

The authors argue that sex and age grouping depends on factors such as poor food quality and different ways or “strategies” to maintain good health.