If there is a big game reserve that appears in your dreams, it must be very similar to this one. The images, which show hundreds of fallow deer and deer feeding in a field in Segovia, have caught the attention of internet users.

They were filmed by Pedro Arroyo Navarro, a nature-loving photographer contacted by Jara y Sedal, who has shared them on his official YouTube channel. He explains that he managed to record them “on the evening of Wednesday 13 July at around 9 p.m.” in a village in Segovia.

“From a slope I was able to observe, with a powerful zoom lens like that of our Nikon P1000 camera, some small cereal fields full of deer in huge numbers. These fields belong to hunting estates located in the valley of a nearby river,” he said, comparing the scene to those of the “plains of the Masai Mara or the Serengeti“.

YouTube video

Pedro Arroyo, of whom it is not the first time we share some of his eye-catching videos, regularly publishes wildlife footage not only on YouTube, but also on Instagram: click here to follow him.

Why do deer gather in big groups?

Deer are usually grouped according to sex, but there are several factors to analyse in this regard. A study by Miranda and colleagues, reported in Science and Hunting a few years ago, looked at diet and nutrient selection in three groups of deer according to age and sex. Specifically, it studied adult males, adult females and juveniles (under 24 months of age). The separation between sexes in the search for food became evident during the rut, when adult and juvenile females preferred bush areas to a greater extent than males.

The authors state in the study that sex and age grouping depends on factors such as poor food quality and different ways or “strategies” to maintain good health.