The first to announce it was Cervus UK, a British company dedicated to hunting expeditions, a few hours ago. «I was just sent this video, with a message saying “this is a new world record roe deer shot in Spain”. I’m not sure if it’s true and I don’t have anything verified, but I thought I’d share this monster buck with you. Spain is producing some really incredible trophies in recent years,» he commented on his Instagram profile while sharing a video that, at this hour, is already a viral phenomenon among hunters.

The recording shows the trophy of an extraordinarily thick and very tall roe deer that has revolutionized social networks. Are we facing a new Spanish and world record as some suggest? Everything seems to indicate no, but it is certainly a specimen that could shake the top of the table of the best roe deer trophies in Spain, in case it were to be homologated… although it will not be easy.

A roe deer surrounded by enigma

We know very little about this animal. What is certain is that it has been hunted in Spain and that, according to the words expressed through social networks by a person who claims to know the hunter, it would have been shot recently. «We will have to wait a couple of months to know the weight and volume. Extraordinary trophy, but not world record,» said the same source through social networks.

Even so, Jara y Sedal has not been able to confirm that the extraordinary roe deer has been shot this season and, therefore, this information cannot be taken for certain.

Nor is anything known about the hunter who shot it, who apparently prefers to remain anonymous. In fact, in the video that has gone viral through different social networks, you can hear the people who hold him asking for discretion both with the roe deer and with themselves.

A 2022 Castilla y León permit

The images have not taken long to generate suspicion among those who have seen them due to the detail of the seal. As can be seen in the images, the seal has the logo of the Junta de Castilla y León, which suggests that it may have been hunted in this community.

The question is that the seals of this year in this community are grey and not orange, as another user points out: «How curious, the 2023 seal for roe deer is grey in the region of Castilla y León, orange was for the 2022 season. So that only means two things: that it was engraved in 2022 or, what is worse, that it is illegally sealed in 2023 with a 2022 seal. Once again the fine line of poaching!».

Faced with this comment, the source who claims to know the case of the roe deer in first person affirms: «It is only a misleading strategy. It has been hunted legally and with all the blessings. You know that the social networks can have bad consequences».

The law obliges to put the correct seal at the time of shot

Misleading strategy or not, the truth is that, as established by the Castilla y León regulations, «once the game has been shot, the hunter may not move it to another place until he has placed the correctly completed seal on it and has proceeded to cut the matrix with respect to the seal itself».

In addition, the regulations require that, «once the game is in its definitive location or the trophy is in its final place, the hunter may not move it to another place until he has placed the seal correctly completed on it and cut the matrix with respect to the seal itself».

Therefore, if the video was recorded in 2022, everything will be correct, but if it is the result of a hunting day of this season, we could be facing something different.