The photos of a Peugeot 205 driving around with a dead pig on top of the roof and tied up with ropes have left no one indifferent. Hunters are sharing them in instant messaging groups and on social networks, humorously commenting on an action that, in addition to being illegal, could be very dangerous.

The load transported in a vehicle, as well as the accessories used to tie it down or protect it, must be arranged and fastened in such a way that they cannot drag, fall totally or partially or move in a dangerous manner. Nor must they compromise the stability of the vehicle as indicated in the General Road Traffic Regulations.

Furthermore, according to Article 15 of the same regulation, the load may only protrude up to 10 % of the length of the vehicle if it is divisible and 15 % if it is indivisible, but only at the front or rear. In any case, it may never exceed the width of the vehicle, including the mirrors.

The video below was originally shared by TikTok user @ugy2003, but in the last few hours it has gone viral on social networks, where internet users are constantly sharing it.

Fines of up to 500 euros and 4 points

As a general rule, failure to securely fasten the load carried by a vehicle can be considered a serious offence, with a fine of up to 200 euros as a rule.

In addition, if the incorrectly transported load ends up falling on the road and creating a serious danger for other road users, the penalty could be very serious, with a fine of 500 euros and up to 4 points for loss of licence.

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