All hunters fail. Some more often and others less often. These failures, in most cases, are caused by the speed at which the game moves, which often makes it very difficult to make the projectile coincide with the game’s trajectory.

On other occasions, it is the orography of the terrain or the vegetation that makes it difficult for us to shoot, which means that our shots end up buried in the ground. So far so normal. What is not so usual is to find a hunter like the one in the picture, who has spotted a female black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) standing a few metres away in the middle of a path. The animal remains motionless, and stoically endures while the hunter opens fire up to five times with a low calibre carbine, possibly a .22 LR.

The images, which were uploaded to Jara y Sedal’s Instagram account, have already accumulated nearly 30,000 views.