A combine harvester is working the last piece of land in a cornfield that has not yet been harvested. It is only a few metres long and it seems incredible that what finally comes out of it can hide there. And no, it’s not a herd of wild boar… but a big bull!

Amidst the expectant gazes of several people who know what is there and are waiting for him to appear in a trailer positioned parallel to the cornfield, the bull appears haughtily and stands outside. The voices begin to call for his attention as he stands in the middle of the field and even makes an attempt to attack the machine, but in the end he does not charge.

Although corn is a somewhat controversial food for fighting bulls and has sometimes caused problems – especially liver problems, leading to a lack of strength – when used in excess, it forms an extra part of a fighting bull’s diet, and the bull sought not only refuge and tranquillity in the lush vegetation, but also guaranteed food. That is why, after probably escaping from a nearby farm, he went into this plantation to spend a few days until the harvester came to spoil his paradise.

Believe it or not, a family of 20 wild boars is hiding here

In this other similar video, and once the combine harvester has introduced the blade into another corn field, a whole herd of wild boars tear themselves away and leave the farmland while one of the farmers films the scene. No less than twenty pigs cross between tractors, trailers and harvester in images that are spreading like wildfire on social networks. Did you think that such a large number of wild boars could hide in such a small plot of land?