Paolo Forconi, an Italian zoologist, was able to film some amazing footage in the Abruzzo National Park near Pescasseroli, Italy. The video shows a pack of three young wolves chasing a shepherd dog that was in the area.

The sequence, which lasts a few interminable seconds, could have ended differently if the predators had been more experienced, in fact, the wolves even bite the dog. However, the animal was able to escape through a fence. The same fate did not befall the dog of some Galician hunters who died eaten by wolves in a cornfield in Galicia, as we told you in Jara y Sedal.

This is the hunting ‘strategy’ of the inexperienced wolves

The hunting instinct drives the wolves to chase the dog, but when the latter stops and visual communication is established, the first three also stop.

The dog shows his fangs, a clear warning that he is not willing to be hunted. Then the wolves wag their tails and the dog looks confused. It looks as if they want to make contact. However, the dog does not trust the wolves and runs away again.

Luck was on the sheepdog’s side

After a change of direction with which the dog manages to evade the pack, the wolves chase him again. One of the predators even almost catches him twice, but before this happens again, the dog reacts in a way that saves his life, although this is something you’d better watch.

Forconi explains on his Facebook profile that the wolves are no more than a year old and that thanks to “their inexperience and the low power of the bite” the dog was able to escape through a hole in the fence.

A phenomenon spreading across Europe

The rise of the wolf in Europe is a fact, it is not isolated, and it is not only in our country. Forconi explains that only a few months ago he would not have been able to record images similar to these.

As we have said, this is not the first case of wolf attacks on dogs that we have published in Even some hunting associations have expressed their discomfort at the deaths of their dogs in the jaws of the wolf while they were hunting.