Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente was, without a doubt, the great mirror for many naturalists and environment lovers throughout history. His teachings and his way of showing the fauna have influenced several generations and the wisdom he left in his series ‘EL Hombre y la tierra’ still lives on today.

One of the most famous chapters was the one entitled ‘El macho montés’, in which he showed the peculiarities of this species. In one of its parts, Félix filmed a scene in which he depicted how an eagle hunted this species, and to do so he had one of them throw a mountain goat down a gorge and then feast on its meat.

In a previous chapter, Félix had shown the four species of eagles that live in Spain: the golden, imperial, Bonelli’s and booted eagles. In the part in which he showed how the golden eagle lived and hunted, he explained that “this creature prefers to move first horizontally and then start its flight in a swoop, something reminiscent of the flight they use when hunting in the wild”, he pointed out about the golden eagle’s flight.

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How was this famous scene of the golden eagle hunting recorded?

Years later, Televisión Española interviewed Aurelio Pérez, who was in Félix’s team as the caretaker and trainer of the animals used in the programme, and explained how this famous scene of the golden eagle hunting was filmed: “The eagle stood behind the lookout, I released the goat, it pushed the eagle off the rock and the eagle only had to carry it” towards the gorge, according to Pérez.

“Félix wanted to demonstrate how golden eagles can bring down ibex from the rock. He was a wise man, one of the most intelligent men in this country because he anticipated the circumstances. Félix was unique, he was cautious, intelligent, smart, clever, astute… he was everything,” Pérez defended.

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