A wild boar that attacked two people in Hong Kong was captured and slaughtered last Friday. The animal bit a 15-year-old minor and a woman near the Fo Tan MTR station in Sha Tin, a district of the Chinese city. The injured were taken to hospital.

Police and the city’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department searched for the animal and managed to capture it. It was one of 455 that have been euthanized since November 2021 in Hong Kong, when this decision was made due to an increase in attacks and the nuisance they caused in urban areas.

There are an estimated 2,500 wild boars in the city and about 90 sightings and incidents are reported each month.

While some criticize the culling policy as “cruel”, the authorities defend it as a way to protect the population from the risks posed by wild boars. The following video demonstrates the danger posed to citizens by their overpopulation.