A young man from Teruel has made history by shooting the largest roe deer ever recorded in Spain, with a score of 252.93 points. He is Óscar Gan Esteban, contacted by Jara y Sedal, who has only been hunting for two seasons and had never shot a roe deer before. Undoubtedly, the beginner’s luck.

The impressive specimen was hunted last June 25, on the last day available after the seal raffle that Óscar had signed up for, encouraged by his friend Marcos Montañés, owner of the El Quemao rehala. Marcos lent him his new rifle, a .308 Winchester Tikka T3X CTR, equipped with a Burris Six XE 3-18×56 scope, since Óscar had no rifle of his own.

An animal with a record-breaking horn

© Óscar Gan

Oscar knew that in the area where he usually hunts there were some large bucks, which he had found with his girlfriend in mid-June, but that day he did not see them. When the day was coming to an end, he found the huge animal in a stubble field, which surprised him because of its size.

With the help of another friend, Oscar Carrillo, he approached to within 200 yards of the buck and fired, making sure that the 162-grain Sako Powerhead Blade bullet would hit cleanly. The roe deer fell instantly.

The youngsters approached to collect the animal and found that their trophy was from another planet.

252.93 points and new world record

The young man with the Spanish record roe deer. © Óscar Gan

“When I saw it before shooting with the binoculars I knew it was very big, but I couldn’t imagine that it could really be a record animal,” says Oscar, who was speechless at the sight of the roe deer’s enormous horns.

The hunter received a call this afternoon from José Ignacio Herce Álvarez, secretary of the National Board for the Homologation of Hunting Trophies, to confirm that, indeed, the specimen he hunted in June has reached 252.93 points and is the new Spanish record, surpassing the previous record, held by Sergio Muelas since 2016, by almost 3 points.

With this trophy, the lucky hunter has beaten Sergio Muela’s record, which reached 250 points and was placed as the largest in the world in 2016.

Óscar wanted to thank his friends Marcos and Óscar for all the help and support they have given him, as well as his girlfriend, who has accompanied him on his trips to the countryside. He also thanked Jara y Sedal for sharing his story a few weeks ago and for the photos he took of the animal.

“I am very happy. They just called me. It’s the new Spanish record,” Óscar confessed to this newspaper.