Social networks are a very useful tool to share your passion with the largest possible number of people and interact with them. As for hunting, Jerónimo Cuesta is one of the leading names in our country and, on this occasion, he has given us a new episode where a huge wild boar is the main protagonist.

This happened while Jerónimo was recording, live, content for his Instagram profile. He was in an area frequented by roe deer in the company of his friend Adrián. Then, when he was about to say goodbye to an unsuccessful hunting day, a specimen that they did not expect suddenly appeared.

A large wild boar entered him and, faced with such a situation, Jerónimo grabbed his brand new gun. Although there are no images of the shot, we can hear the shot with which this influencer manages to hit his target.

The wild boar fled after the shot

Convinced that he had hit the target, but without finding the animal, as it had fled the area after the shot, the hunter began to look for any sign that might help him to find it. After a few minutes, he managed to find a small blood trail, but decided to go out the next day to retrieve it with his Bavarian hound.

The video shows us in detail every moment of this new search for the huge wild boar. Finally, the dog managed to follow the animal’s trail and find it.

The wild boar had a magnificent trophy. © J. C.

An emotional and special moment for Jeronimo Cuesta

Regarding this, Cuesta told the Jara y Sedal team that “it was something quite special because I had bought the rifle of my dreams and I was trying to use it for the first time”. Therefore, the scene is even more epic when so many unexpected factors come together.

Likewise, the hunter pointed out that “the premiere was with a huge wild boar, at a distance of 20 meters, on the run. I was also using the scope for the first time and it was the first time I had to use my tracking dog, Candela, in real hunting”, he added.

The freshly shot animal. © J. C.

As he explains in the description of the video posted on his YouTube channel, he was using “the new Kahles 2-10 x 50i scope for the first time, making use of its red dot, which helped me to be more precise in the dark”. “It was like a compendium of everything very special and very emotional,” concludes the hunter.

YouTube video