A group of hunters from Almería got a big surprise this Sunday, December 10, when they shot a wild boar with a strange malformation in its mouth. The animal had the left tusk growing downwards and perforating its lower jaw in a case never seen before.

The event occurred in Senés, a municipality in the province of Almería, where David Caparrós González, 32 years old and a resident of Mojácar, participated with his dogs. He was accompanied, as he usually does, by Matías Guerrero, and they were the ones who unchained the rare animal.

David has confessed to Jara y Sedal that one of his dogs was the one that marked him: “He started barking and then the boar jumped followed by 7 or 8 dogs”.

The cast to the rare animal

The animal with the rare tusk under its lower jaw. © D. C.

About 200 meters up the hill, another colleague was facing the rifle to try to stop the pig that David’s dogs were running after. What David did not imagine was that, after hitting the shot, the animal was going to give them a pleasant surprise.

When Caparrós approached and saw the boar, which “weighed close to 100 kilos”, he confessed to this newspaper that he was “speechless”. “It had good teeth, but what most caught the attention of his colleagues was its left tusk,” he said.

The most veteran hunters could not believe

Los cazadores con el raro ejemplar. © D. C.

The day was attended by some veteran hunters, “with more than 45 years in the mountains and who had not seen anything like it,” says the horseman.

A total of 15 wild boars were shot, but undoubtedly the animal that attracted all the attention was the one with the “rare tusk” and for which all those present showed their astonishment and admiration.

Detail of the tusks and grinders of the wild boar. © D. C.
The left tusk was born downward and grew in the reverse direction. © D. C.