A video that has gone viral in recent days on the social network TikTok shows an unusual scene: a shepherd takes an entire herd of goats onto a modern-looking bus parked in the middle of a field. The video, which has already reached almost one million views, was recorded by the shepherd himself and shared via the account @orson_t01.

Although we do not know where it was recorded, the video has generated hundreds of comments and jokes, some of them saying that the shepherd is going on vacation with his goats or that he wants to have a party on the bus.

The motive for this strange action is also unclear. Some speculate that the herder wanted to transport the goats to another location, perhaps to take them home and milk them. Others believe that the herder just wanted to give the goats temporary shelter, taking advantage of the space and comfort of the bus.

A farmer’s monumental anger at finding the garbage of the town’s vacationers on his land.

The scene is reminiscent of the movie “Into the Wild”, where the protagonist leaves civilization and ventures into the wild, using an abandoned bus as a shelter. Perhaps the shepherd wanted to emulate the character and take his goats with him, seeking a simpler and freer life.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that the shepherd and his goats have starred in one of the most curious and amusing scenes on the web.


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