An unusual event occurred last Sunday during the fiestas of Titulcia (Madrid) when a young woman confronted two bulls during a running of the bulls, while recording the scene with her cell phone. Apparently, the woman is an anti-bullfighting activist, who wanted to demonstrate that bulls do not attack if they are not provoked.

In a first video shared on social networks, it can be seen how the young woman stands still together with another boy, while a bull stops in front of them, without charging at them. However, on a second occasion, filmed by those present, another bull turns and charges at the woman, shaking her several times.

According to sources from the Madrid City Council, the woman had to be operated on in the mobile operating room of the Plaza de Toros. After that, she was transferred to the Valdemoro Hospital.

Information shared by Titulcia’s consistory. © Facebook

We share below the video of the moment in which the woman is gored. In the comments of the same footage, the Facebook profile @Toros de lidia has shared the previous moment in which the girl remains motionless in front of the first bull.