The struggle of social networks against hunting continues to claim victims. It is no longer only hunters who have to deal with the many and very frequent criticisms surrounding hunting-related content. To this has been added the «censorship» to which Instagram subjects them, as in the case of Montse del Dedo, a young huntress.

A few days ago, he received a message from Instagram informing him that certain content he had shared could not be shown to people who did not follow his account. When he clicked to see what it was about, he discovered that they were photos shooting skeet and a video related to hunting a wild boar.

After this and «not meeting the requirements», he finally decided to remove the content from his profile. Despite this, it still did not seem to him «a reason to delete it», as he told the Jara y Sedal team.

«It doesn’t seem logical»

However, the story does not end here. A few hours ago he shared a picture with his dog and the same message came back to him. This did not refer to that image, but to one in which he was posing with a rifle, another one shooting skeet and a third one with a shotgun, without animals in it. He then published a story in which he showed his anger at what had happened.

Historia subida por Montse a su perfil de Instagram
Historia subida por Montse a su perfil de Instagram

«It doesn’t seem logical or normal to me considering that I’m not showing any objectionable content. I’m showing totally legal weapons and hunting as it is, I’m not encouraging violence or any of that nonsense they say», Montse explains.

«This is reprehensible, but that, for example, a person uploads or sells his body on social networks is not, there minors do not matter. A person going out scantily clad, not to say naked, is not objectionable. People promoting their Only Fans accounts is not objectionable and hunting is», he said.

Referring to the story she shared on her Instagram regarding this issue, she says, «It was a bit of a vindication. Girls, you can show your boobs or your ass, but you can’t show a gun. What’s going on? Is this about ‘likes’? It doesn’t make any sense or logic».

«For Instagram, threats in hunting posts are not serious»

Despite the fact that this social network indicated to her that she would not appear in the ‘feed’ of users who do not follow her account, Monste has assured that she does not appear in those who do either. «You don’t appear anywhere».

«You have a social network where you show your experiences without disrespecting anyone, with the utmost education, showing your activity being all legal and Instagram comes to tell you that this is reprehensible and, most importantly, that if you continue like this they will delete your account…. It doesn’t make any sense, I’m very angry».

«Every time I upload a hunting photo I get a million comments from animal people criticizing me, even threatening me, and that’s not serious on Instagram. Me uploading a photo with a legal gun or hunting in a legal way is. It doesn’t make sense and that’s why I got angry. We are sick of receiving threats. It’s ridiculous», Monste ends denouncing.