The hunter Lucas Soriano shoot, last November 3, 2022, an incredible mouflon that has become the largest mouflon hunted in Spain. This one, shot in a hunting area in the province of Valencia, has reached a total score of 235.15 points according to the Commission for the Homologation of Big Game Trophies of the Community of Madrid.

This capture, obtained in Venta del Moro, surpasses the one obtained in the ‘Los Claros’ hunting area -located in Almodóvar del Campo, in Ciudad Real- of the mouflon that was also featured in Jara y Sedal and which reached 233.5 CIC points.

It should be noted that although this mouflon has achieved a higher score than the current Spanish record -230.60 points- hunted by King Don Juan Carlos on the Cerro del Moro estate (Jaén), as it is a closed estate, the mouflon cannot be the Spanish record. However, it can be measured and obtain the distinction of being the ‘largest mouflon in Spain’.

This is how he hunts it

The hunter explains that he got the mouflon on a stalking hunt on this area with his son, Iván Soriano. «We were very lucky to find these two specimens», he says of another mouflon with a lower score that Iván had previously shot.

«We met with the gamekeeper very early in the morning, and we spent the whole morning in this wooded area», says the hunter. «It was very difficult to find the specimens. It was quite difficult to go after them, and we managed to find them with the help of the gamekeeper», he says.

«The smaller one didn’t give us much trouble to shoot him down, but the big one did. The first shot was at about 225 meters, and when he was already wounded, we finished him off at about 140 meters», the hunter told this magazibe about a shot he made with his Blaser R93 rifle in .300 Winchester Magnum caliber, loaded with Sellier & Bellot 180 grain ammunition.