Lorenita Fishing, a young fisherwoman from Zaragoza and influencer who shares content on Instagram, published a video last March in which she defended the values of the world of fishing and uncovered stereotypes that are perhaps not in line with the reality that society has about this activity.

To do so, the young woman wrote a beautiful text in which she explained how she lives her fishing days, how she practices catch and release and how she loves nature through her hobby. All of this was accompanied by different images, not only taking big carp or pike, but also enjoying the environment and spectacular sunrises.

The beautiful text that figures in the fisherwoman’s video

I was once asked: Why do you invest so much money in fishing if you then throw all the fish back into the water? Let me explain: I don’t fish for hunger, I fish because it’s the only place in the world where I forget about everything.

It is there where I value everything I have, where I realise that I don’t need great luxuries to be very happy. It’s where, every time I go, I follow the game I started as a child. A game between me and a clever fish. I have to trick it and challenge it to attack. Every step is important and, as in life, you have to be attentive and change your strategy if necessary.

I fish because fishing is a life lesson for me. I learn that I have to try as many times as it takes, and every time I fail I get closer to success. Besides, what are you going to talk to me about fishing? If you don’t understand…

What are you going to talk to me about anger if you’ve never missed a big catch? What are you going to talk to me about happiness if you’ve never gone fishing with your family? What are you going to talk to me about love if you’ve never practised catch and release? And what are you going to tell me about freedom if you have never seen a sunrise like this?

I hope it is clear that I don’t fish for hunger and I release the fish because I want to keep playing and learning for the rest of my days.

PS: For all of us who like to catch big fish, catch and release is the only way to do it.