Something that happens very often is that the little ones surprise us with words or, simply, with a reaction that we would never have imagined, like the one this little girl has in the following video.

In the middle of an endearing day of fishing, a father and daughter suddenly manage to catch a fish. Specifically, it is a large black bass, and the immense joy it provokes is something you have surely never seen before.

After having worked as a team, as she was holding the rod while he was trying to catch it with the landing net, the two of them managed to pull it out of the water. At that moment, the girl, overcome with uncontrollable emotion, begins to scream and celebrate with real excitement for about a minute, which provokes her father to laugh. Finally, the two of them embrace in a tender and affectionate embrace.

The footage was posted two days ago on WSMV 4, Nashville’s Facebook profile and has already racked up more than 100,000 views. It also has hundreds of comments from users of this social network.

Speaking of reactions, this one reminds us of another video that has already been released by Jara y Sedal. In it, you can see how a bear, which was wandering around peacefully, runs head-on into a mirror. At this, the animal is frightened and goes into defence mode.

Perplexed by what it was seeing, it goes to the back of the object in order to find its expected companion. This did not happen. Then, out of desperation, or perhaps anger, the bear tries to tear the mirror from its holder and finally throws it against the forest ground.