The following video, filmed in Canada, shows the incredible skill of bears and how they are able to climb to the top of a tree, no matter how difficult or risky it may seem, to obtain their objective. This was recorded by a group of fishermen on a lake in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, and it shows a black bear climbing a tree to attack the nest of a bald eagle.

The video was shared on TikTok by Adam J. Hudec and already has more than two million views and thousands of comments in just one month. Hudec captured the footage with his cell phone while riding in a boat with a couple of fishing buddies on Saskatchewan’s Cigar Lake.

Bear climbs large conifer to reach eagle nest

The black bear climbs a large conifer on the shore of the lake to reach the large nest. As the bear climbs, it is repeatedly attacked by the two progenitor eagles trying to protect their young. “I can’t believe I got to see this in person,” Hudec wrote in the post on his TikTok account.

The black bear continues to climb up the tree, unmoved by the two adult eagles that continue to swipe at it from above. After taking a brief respite at the top of the tree, it bites the young eagle and pulls the bird out of the nest before climbing back down. “And that’s a job well done,” Hudec says at the end of the footage. “The bear earned that meal, as horrible as it sounds,” one of the comments notes in the footage.


The full real video of this bear taking on an eagles nest!! Cant believe I got to see this in person while fishing in northern Saskatchewan!

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