The following video is part of the dream of tractor lovers and in particular of a legendary brand in the rural world such as John Deere. The film, taken at a level crossing, shows how a long goods train transports an endless line of tractors from this emblematic factory.

“This is how they transport km0 tractors in the United States”, says the publication, which shows the endless freight wagon full of tractors.

John Deere, an icon for the rural world

John Deere is undoubtedly a legendary brand in the rural world: in any town that lives in the countryside you can see these emblematic tractors whose history dates back to 1830, when the American economic bubble burst and their creator, John Deere, an already established blacksmith, headed west, followed by his wife and five children, to commercially conquer a terrain that he himself would soon change forever.

The brand also has a very hunting motif in its logo: a leaping deer. It was created more than a century ago and is, among the 500 largest companies in the United States, the corporate logo that has been in continuous use for the longest time.

John Deere is perhaps the brand that has evolved the most in all types of agricultural machinery and is now part of the landscape in any rural area of our country.