When it comes to hunting, dexterity and skill are two very useful characteristics to obtain the best possible results. In this sense, there are hunters capable of surprising with shots that are only within the reach of the most talented. This is just what is shown in the video below, in which two single shots are enough to bring down three wild boars.

Specifically, these images have been recorded with a ShotKam during a wild boar hunt. The hunter in the scene is standing in front of a large hillside with no vegetation to obstruct his view.

A herd of wild boars appears in front of him, advancing rapidly. The film shows in detail how he stitches up the animals and then pulls the trigger. However, no one can imagine what happens just a few seconds later.

Triplet and with only two bullets

The wild boars move from left to right and the hunter only needs two shots to hit three of them. With the first shot, he manages to hit two of them. This is probably due to the fact that the bullet hits the one closest to him, passing through him and hitting a second one that is passing behind him at that moment.

Likewise, with the second shot he hits a third wild boar. This is a scene bordering on the surreal and an incredible shot that the hunter will surely never forget.

YouTube video

Specifically, the video was uploaded by a Turkish YouTube channel called ‘Sadık Özgür’, which has a total of 155,000 subscribers. This content has turned out to be so viral that it has already reached 133,000 views. Similarly, it has provoked the reaction of more than 1,500 people in the form of ‘Likes’. It is not for less considering the amazing hat-trick that the hunter achieves.