It may be a before and after when it comes to assessing how far limits are set. The City Council of Lyon, in France, is going to vote to approve a series of cultural subsidies. In this sense, the measure could grant an amount of 1,500 euros to a group of artists from Lundy Grandpré, a company that defines itself as eco-sexual and eco-feminist.

Now, this organization of the French city is at the center of a controversy that has arisen on social networks. Criticism centers on the decision to financially support an association that deals with ‘ecosexuality’.

Nudity in front of a child audience, subsidized in Lyon

The whole situation began with a tweet from Pierre Olivier, mayor of the city’s 2nd arrondissement. In it, he posted a video of two members of the troupe showing themselves naked in front of spectators, including children.

This content was accompanied by the following text: “The city of Lyon and its mayor cut 37 cultural subsidies to finance naked individuals in a garden with sex toys, in front of children. The militant and extremist use of the budget has no limits anymore. Neither does indecency”.

The Mayor of Lyon’s justification

Faced with such an uproar, Grégory Doucet, mayor of Lyon, wanted to justify the city council’s decision and, therefore, clarified that this performance does not necessarily correspond to the project for which the artists of this company applied for the subsidy.

Despite these words, what the images show us is that Lundy Grandpré’s actions are not primarily characterized by spreading ideas of respect for nature, or at least that is not what they convey.

French hunters organize workshops for children to promote respect for nature

On the other side of the coin, however, is the Seine-et-Marne departmental federation of hunters. For its part, this organization is organizing workshops, from June 8 through Friday, June 16, to raise the awareness of more than 2,500 children about respect for nature and biodiversity.

Despite this, hunting continues to be the great target of those who call themselves “nature lovers”. Rarely, if ever, have we seen them value the actions that, like this one, are put in place by hunters’ associations to protect the environment.