The young Catalan hunter Daniel Madrid, a native of the town of Castellgali (located in the Catalan region of Bages), started last Christmas ‘on the right foot’, as on 21 December he had the good fortune to shoot a huge wild boar that finally won a gold medal during a hunt in the province of Girona, right on the border between Spain and France.

The most surprising thing about the capture of this huge wild boar is that, before Daniel Madrid shot it, it had escaped from a hunt that was taking place at the same time in France and got into the Girona game reserve, where Madrid had the opportunity to get hold of it. After escaping, he was spotted by the hunters, who informed the hunters.

According to the young hunter, who has been hunting “for as long as I can remember”, the shot was “very quick”, as the animal was running away from another place, “it was packed”, he says. “It was all so fast that I didn’t even have time to put the Go Pro on my head, which I always use to record the sets”, says Daniel.

More images of the wild boar / JyS

In addition, the boar weighed a tremendous 130 kilos on the scales. Daniel Madrid used a Winchester Vulcan rifle in .30-06 synthetic calibre in an accurate shot at about fifty metres.