A few months ago we saw the video of a farmer who had recorded how a huge herd of wild boar came out while he was harvesting. The footage was remarkable for its spectacular nature. A few days later, we shared another recording of a man driving his car alongside a cultivated field. Suddenly he shouted and wild boars started running in all directions. There were so many that it is impossible to count them.

The following video, however, goes far beyond this: a total of 56 wild boars – including adults and striped boars – appear from a cornfield and run away from the blades of the combine harvester. At first, the animals are reluctant to leave despite the sound of the agricultural machinery. However, as the machine gets closer, they have no choice but to flee the area to avoid being run over.

The scene unfolds amidst the expectant gazes of several people who know what is hidden inside this last strip of maize.

Last Thursday, we published another similar video in which a combine harvester was squeezing the last piece of land of a similar cornfield. It was only a few square metres in size and it seemed incredible that what finally appeared could be hiding there. And no, it is not a herd of wild boar… but a raging bull!

Wild boar damage to agriculture

Damage to crops caused by game species is a serious problem for farmers and is on the increase. To give an example: the area of agricultural land damaged by wildlife in Castilla y León, for example, increased by almost 25.7% between January and April last year, with the number of hectares declared having reached 6,833 compared to 5,437 last year. During this time, the number of claims has reached 844 compared to 765 the previous year, i.e. 10.3 percent more, according to data provided by Agroseguro to Agencia Ical.