Jara y Sedal Code of Ethics

Ethical principles of Jara y Sedal

Revista Jara y Sedal is defined as an independent media, specialized in rural world, hunting, fishing and nature, defender of the conservation of nature and the right of individuals to interact with it freely according to the democratic and legal order established in the different regulations and within the framework of the Spanish Constitution.

Mission of Jara y Sedal

The magazine strives to present daily information that is truthful, as complete as possible, interesting, current and of high quality, so that it helps the reader to understand reality and to form his or her own criteria. The journalist conveys verified news to readers, and refrains from including his or her personal opinions. Information and opinion shall be clearly differentiated from each other.


Revista Jara y Sedal respects freedom of opinion and disseminates all kinds of ideas, except those that promote hatred or try to discriminate against people because of their condition as rural inhabitants or because they practice hunting or fishing.


Revista Jara y Sedal is a liberal, independent, European and Latin American media. It defends pluralist democracy, exercised through universal suffrage; and accepts the fundamental rights of the human person, denouncing any kind of totalitarianism.

Revista Jara y Sedal does not belong to nor is it the spokesperson of any political, financial or cultural party, association or group, and although it must defend the need for free enterprise, and although its economy depends on the advertising market, the media rejects any conditioning coming from economic pressure groups.

Policy of changes and corrections

Revista Jara y Sedal must correct the mistakes made in its news, and do so as quickly as possible and without embarrassment. This task falls especially on those responsible for each news item. However, all editors are obliged to correct their own originals.

Corrections will be linked to the news at the moment the newspaper becomes aware of the error, even if years have passed since the initial publication.


Edited since 2013 by Innova Ediciones.

  • Editorial Director: Israel Hernández Tabernero.
  • Head of Advertising and Marketing: Sonia García.
  • Editor-in-Chief: Ángel Vidal García Pérez.
  • Web and social media coordination: Eduardo Pompa.
  • Editorial staff: Carlos Vignau and Javier Fernández Caballero.
  • Design: Alfredo Martín

Verification of facts and sources

The information available to a journalist can only be obtained in three ways: his presence at the scene of the facts, the narration by a third person or the handling of a document. The reader has the right to know which of the three possibilities corresponds to the news he is reading. To this end, a source should always be cited when the journalist has not been present at the action he or she is transmitting. If the information comes from a single person, the ‘source’ will be in the singular.

Anonymous sources

Journalists are obliged not to reveal their sources when they have requested confidentiality. Exceptionally, and for reasons affecting his or her honor or professional prestige, he or she may do so, with prior authorization from the editor. In the same way, and in the case of particularly important information, the editor of the newspaper may know the information sources of an editor, with the express commitment not to reveal them.


Revista Jara y Sedal encourages the participation of readers, always under a quality requirement that excludes insults, disqualifications and considerations not related to the subject in question.

The editorial management decides on a daily basis which news, articles, blogs or any other content is open to comments. This selection will be made according to criteria of informative value and whenever it is possible to manage quality moderation.

Revista Jara y Sedal reserves the right to delete comments deemed inappropriate and to expel those who violate these rules.


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